dogs collar, Brancusi, the Dogon, daily objects as art, time, from yesterday till tomorrow, connecting
Till (from yesterday till tomorrow), July, at the pop up art space lets talk about time, Munich, 2020
dogs Collar, restriction, Hugo Ball, Oscar Schlemmer, Covid 19
feed me, July 2020, lets talk about time by Asta von Unger, Annika Schoenmann, Pop Up Gallery Munich, 2020
TRASH#Klausur, Transforming performancerelics, Object made from Relics of Performances
Captured, Fetisch, wax and hair, March 2021
Joy of Weaving, upcycling, sustainable art, what remains, dfbrl8r, TextileUpArt
Joy of Weaving - What Remains, Februar 2020, Defibrillator, ARC Gallery, Chicago USA
#99sharingcrisis, shamanism, nonordinary reality, joy, spirits
7/9 magic, performance 7 for #99sharingcrisis by Cai Quing, November 2020
Monumental Weaving, interactive Weaving, upcycling, students, learning
Joy of Weaving 5 - Interactive Monumental Weaving, October 2019, Gallery Modul 1, Europe University,Flensburg
relics, Joy of Weaving, What Remains,Recycling Art, sustanability
Joy of Weaving - What Remains, Februar 2020, Defibrillator, ARC Gallery, Chicago USA
Installation, cut paintings, transformation of paintings
Z'amgflickt, Installation, Februar 2020, at Schaufensterli, Halle 6 , Munich
room 1, Halle 6, Joy of Weaving, Doro Seror, Weaving with discarded cloth
Joy of Weaving - Upscaled, September 2019, Halle 6, Munich
Karel Halir, Joy of Weaving, Vrchlabi
Bloodline - Hommage to Eva Voss, September 2019, Karel Halir Festival, Vrchlabi
installation, lost civilisation, the power of nature, landart, experimental art
Alma's Wonderland, August 2019, K.R.O.P.P. Lab, Haglund Skola, Sweden
weaving, skillsharing, Raramuri, women, handcrafts
Exchanging skills with a Raramuri women, Norogachi, April 2019
Installation, accumulation of many weaving results
Joy of weaving- Installation, gallery ambacher contemporary, March 2019, Munich
spiral braiding technique
Heart of Mandala
Magdalena Festival, Interaction, Performance, Weaving, Crafts and Art, connecting through weaving together, arts and fun, arts and play
Joy of Weaving- Interweaving, September 2019, Magdalena Knot, Pathos Theater, Munich
exhibition "Handarbeit", back to the roots, geometric bodys, rug weaving, ancient technique, art and crafts
Handarbeit, exhibition, July 2018, Atelier, Kreativquartier
human interventions in nature, transciency, performance, landart, Art Lab
Alma's Wonderland, August 2019, K.R.O.P.P. Lab, Haglund Skola, Sweden
Ausstellung, Performancerelikte, Ephemeres zu Materiellem transformieren
Jetzt REICHt's, Mai 2018, München
Trapped, Performance, Fishing net, Environmental Art, Trash Art
Trapped, August 2019, K.R.O.P.P., Gudinge, Sweden
Beyond Ritual, AKUZURU, Bernried, Buchheimmuseum, Tanzraum Penzberg
To Be EMPTY \\\ As The Water Feeds The SOUL /// The Forest Nests The BECOMING, AKUZURU, Buchheimmuseum der Phantasie, Oktober 2017, Bernried
Joy of Weaving- Sports, K.R.O.P.P. Lab, Play and Fun, Performanceart
Joy of Weaving- Sports, August 2019, KROPP Lab, Almunge Skola, Almunge, Sweden
Smack Mellon, installative Performance, Joy of Weaving, Interaction, Itinernat Festival, May 2019, NYC
Joy of Weaving - Fertility?
Joy of Weaving, Installation, Smack Mellon, Gallery Brooklin, sustainable Art from discarded garments
Joy of Weaving - fertiliy/Installation, May 2019, Gallery Smack Mellon, Brooklyn
Ausstellung, Atelier Doro Seror, Künstler vom Kreativquartier, nach der Renovierung
Im neuen G'wand, Juli 2017, Ausstellung im Atelier Doro Seror, München
Joy of weaving, playing games with Raramuris, interactive performance, handcrafts, weaving
Spitz watch out, Performancear or morir, April 2019, Norogatchi,Mexico
Magic Circle, joy of weaving, sustainability, colorful, games and fun in performanceart
Magic Circle, May 2019, In Situ Festival, Guanajuato, Mexico
magic circle, respect natur, performancear o morir, shamanism
Zauberland, Performancear o Morir, April 2019, Sierra Madre, Mexico
Symbols, Ceremonies, cultural differences, Raramuris, Performanceart
My x is your + is my ~, April 2019, Performancear o morir, Panorama Gallery, Chihuahua, Mexico
desert Arad, performance festival ZAZ, death, dump, thread of life
Where do we come from, December 2018, ZAZ Performance Festival, Arad, Israel
weaving, networking, Arad, SUMO, exhibition, Festival ZAZ
Weaving Connection, December 2018, Festival ZAZ, SUMO, Arad
No wastage, used textile fabrics, interactive performance, installation
How much I can w/bear, ZAZ Festival, Miklat 209, Tel Aviv, Israel
Aging in China, the verge of existence, limited living, OPEN festival, Guilin
(c)aging Chamber 11 01, September 2018, Guilin, China
Abundance and lack, donating and receiving, noisy and calm, white and colourful, performnace at the main bus station
White is not White, December 2018, ZAZ Festival, Main Bus Station, Tel Aviv, Israel
weaving into a cage,  Munan Ancestral temple of the Jian family, OPEN international performance art festival
(c)aging 1, Gouangzhou, OPEN Festival, September 2018
Ron Qiqi, seven chinese sages, Diogenes, from the series boxes
(c)aging II- Diogenes, as a part of the performance the seven sages by James Hi Zhen, September, OPEN Festival, Guangzhou, China
Tradition vs Innovation, hidden old people, China's mystic world, OPEN Festival 2018
A/Eltern Guilin, OPEN Festival, September 2019, Guilin, China
MIPAF, elderly people in China, A/Eltern, Performance
A/Eltern -aging 1 Fonga Mui, September, MIPAF, Macao
unsichtbare Orte, Pathos München, Magdalena Season, precarious finacial situaltion, old age, female artists
Jetzt REICHt's, April 2028, Munich, Pathos
break through,  world's smallest performancespace, creative quarter, filling a wound, Munich, Leonrod-Haus
Break Through #24 - make it through, world's smallest perfpormancespace, July 2018, Munich
Kenntnisbuch, book of knowledge, five elements, life, death, spirit, spinning, lifethread, ritual
Buch-Erkenntnisse, Juni 2017, Munich, Creative Quarter
performance ritual, India, bridging society gaps, art summit Jaipur, curated by Dimple B Shah
Buddha is smiling, Dcember 2017, art summit Jaipur, India
cafè com leite, blackfacing, performanceart, neodada, bone, racism
Cafè com leite 2, December 2016, BONE festival, Bern, Switzerland
injuries 2, wounds, relief, performance, interaction, participating, Asche zu Farbgut, Augsburg, Gaswerk
Injuries 2, august 2016, Asche zu Frabgut, Festival Augsburg
Escape, refugees, performance, redplexus, préavis de désordre urbain 10, Marseille, 2016
Escape, September 2016, redplexus, préavis de désordre urbain 10, Marseille, France
Binjan Klal, Jerusalem, osim yomit, Kineret Haya Max, daily work, performance
I need what I buy what I need; osim yomit; November 2016, Jerusalem, Israel
injuries, wounds, refugees, performance, public space, redplexus, preavis des desordre de urbain, Marseille
Injuries 1, august 2016, redplexus, preavis des desordre de urbain, Marseille, France
parts of the body, public sharing, certification of godfatherhood
bodyPARTicipation, Cranbiere, September 2016, Marseille
No Go, normative body, complexes, borders, limits, redplexus, preavis de desordre de urbain, Marseille, France
No Go, September 2016, Marseille, France
State of aggregation 2, ritual, trasnformation, sacrifice, Su En Butoh Cie, Uppsala, Haglund Skokla
State of aggregation 2, August 2016, Köttinspektionen, Uppsala, Sweden
Public Restroom, life installation, limits and border, intimacy, exposure, redplexus, precis de desordre de urbain, Marseille
Public Restroom, September 2018, Marseille, France
stained, lightness of weight, Su En Butoh, Haglund Skola, Uppsala, STONES
Stained, August 2016, Köttinspektionen, Uppsala, Sweden
delivery, motherhood, stone project, Uppsala, Sweden, Su En Butoh Cie, Haglund Skola
Delivery, August 2016, STONE project, Uppsala Sweden
boxes series, state of aggregation, cyclic, Su En Butoh Cie, Haglund Skola, Köttinsopektionen, Uppsala
Boxes 4 - state of aggregation 1, August 2016, Uppsala, Sweden
Aquanitas, Oshun, Isar, Godess of the river, flow, cycle of creation, c
Aquanitas 2, June 2016, Künstlerhaus, Munich
Café com leite, Curitiba, pARTE, rassim, roots, Diana, Artemis, Performance, Ritual
Café com leite, June 2016, pARTE, Curitiba, Brasil
Back from earth, Africa, Latin America, reincarnation, performance ritual
Back from Earth; June 2016; AT|AL|206; Campinas; Brasil
Installative Performance, Installaction, Vandalismus, Reinigung, Katharsis, Abbruch, Kreativquartier
Außer Besen nichts gewesen, Juli 2016, Cameliaraum, Kreativquartier, München
Yaba College; Lagos; Nigeria; Afriri performa; Jelili Atiku; Performance Biennial
Back to Earth; April 2016; Lagos; Nigeria
Headgear, performance, communities in times of troubles, Israel, Palestine
Headgear, January 2016, Weltraum Munich
Outfits, Boxes, Ulster Museum, Bbeyond, Inter Being, long durational, Belfas
Boxes 2 Outfits, Ulster Museum, March 2016, Belfast Ireland
Communities, trouble, Israel, Palestine, long durational performance
Communities in times of trouble-Outfits, Dec 2015 until Jan 2016, Weltraum, Munich
red lion, leonrod-haus für kunst, kreativquartier, raumnot, Freiherr von Leonrod, Arbeitslager, performance
Red Lion, Performance, September 2015, Leonrod-Haus für KunstMunich
Aquanitas, Performance, Finnisage, Bistum Essen Kunstverein
Aquanitas, November 2015, Essen
She-Artist, Species Artist, Performance, Art market, naked, Kulturjurte
She-Artist/Species Artist, Kulturjurte, Academy of fine Arts, July 2015, München
Haderlumpen, Alte Sachen, Resourcen, Performance, Vogefrei, Darmstadt, 2015
Haderlumpen-Alte Sachen, Juni 2015, Darmstadt
Granay, Ukraine, Performance, Lviv, Dzyga, Performance;Aktivierung, 2015
The German Solution/Ganary of europe; September 2015, Lviv, Ukraine
Erkenntnis, insight, Slypeperformance, P/ART, Hamburg
Insight, July 2015, Fußballstadion St .Pauli, Hamburg
Performance, German Identity, infr'action Venice 2015
German papillion, performance, May 2015, infr'action Venice
Potential, Performance, Piazza San Marco, Venice, infr'action, 2015
Potential, May, infr'action Venice 2015
Communities, trouble, Israel, Palestine, long durational performance
Communities in times of trouble, Oct 2014 until Jan 2015, Israel, Palestine
Brüten Zeigen 2, performance, participation, audience, monochromosomen, Halle 50, Domagkateliers
Brüten Zeigen 2, performance, April 2015, München
Performance, Venice, infr'action, Viale Garibaldi
Buddha's waiting 2, performce, May 2015, Viale Garibaldi, Venice
Shakshuka, Performance, Israel, Allergie, guilt
Shakshuka, Performance, Dezember 2014, Haifa, Israel
Safta, Deisa, Hunger, Performance, ZAZ Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel
Safta Bischla Deisa, Performance, Dezember 2014, Tel Aviv, Israel
Rosh Kruv, performance, Konsum, Toleranz, Haifa, Israel
Rosh Kruv, Performance, Dezember, Haifa, Israel, 2014
central bus station, performance, garbage, flowers, parallel world
Don`'t make a project out of this, perfromance, Tel Aviv, December 2014
Performance, life is art, long durational
Nothing to hide, long durational performance, Kreativquartier , München , September-Oktober 2014
Performance, Kirchbautag, Architektur, Arte Povera, Bildung
Performance, Kunstnacht des evangelischen Kirchbautages, Praterinsel, München, Oktober 2014
winwin-bankett, Performance, grüne Achse Hessstrasse , München, Natur-Kulturpfad, Kreativquartier
winwin-bankett, Performance, September 2014, München
Mauerdurchbruch, Performance,Kreativquartier, Transition, Durchgang
Breakthrough, Performance, Kreativlabor, München, September 2014
Stein des Anstoße(n)s, guided tour, Kreativquartier, Performance
Stein des Anstoße(n)s, Performance, September, München, 2014
Excavation, Ausgrabung, Performance,
Excavation, Februar, März 2014, München
ARTEFAKTE, performance, excavation, Archäologie, Ausgrabung, anthropogen
ARTEFAKTE, März 2014, München
Performance, Prozession, Katholikentag, Regensburg, Vorurteile
Mitten unter Ihnen, Performance, Regensburg, Mai, 2014
Je ne regrette rien, performance, wert of belongins, resistance, Préavis de Désordre Urbain, Art Performance Festival Marseille, Redplexus
Je ne regrette rien, September 2013, Marseille
PEIN, liturgy specific art, Institut für Kirchenbau und kirchliche Kunst der gegenwart
PEIN, November 2013, Marburg
Species artist 2, Performance, artist cage, Marseille, resistance
Species Artist 2, Marseille 2013
Is it (an) art(ist)? Lecture Performance, Resistance, Redplexus, Marseill
Is it (an) art(ist)? Marseille 2013
Ça fait combien? A vendre. Performance, à vendre, Marseille, redplexus
Ça fait combien? A vendre. Marseille, 2013
Who am I? Aus der Serie Outfits, Performance, Strömstad, Schweden
Who Am I? Aus der Serie Outfits Juli 2013
Get the Crap, Performance, Strömstad, Schweden, Sommertourismus
Get the Crap, Juli 2013
I am your Substitute, Kopenhagen, long durational performance, human hotel,
I am Your Substitute, März 2013, Kopenhagen
performance, workout, ideal body, Twente Biennale, Enschede
Becoming an ideal body, may- June 2013, Enschede, Netherlands
Help Me - a pilgrimage Performance Twente Biennale Enschede paepae
Help Me - A Pilgrimage, Twente Biennale, Enschede
Reise nach Jerusalem, Artport, Tel Aviv, Performance, Kerene Anavi
Reise nach Jerusalem, September 2012, Tel Aviv
Buddha's arrival, Ritual, China
Buddha's arrival, November 2012, China
PINK reloaded, Performance, Gouangzhou, China
PINK reloaded, November 2012, China
Feed the rich, performance, infr'action, Sete
Feed the Rich, September 2013, Sète, Frankreich
When I am afraid, Ritual, jewish and german relation, Herzeliya
When I am afraid, Oktober 2012, Israel
I Am Sorry, halalit, Rehov Jarkon 70, Tel Aviv, Israel, Performance
I Am Sorry, Oktober 2012, Israel
Bleed Me, interaktive Performance, nourishing artist, France
Bleed Me, September 2012, France
Die Chefin, Performance, Joseph Beuys, Frankreich
Die Chefin, September 2012, France
Mein Ich Putzt, Performance, Putzlumpenburka, Frankreich
Mein Ich putzt, September 2012, France
Melusine, installation, sustainable art, recycling, harmed nature by humans, plastic garbage, romantic, forest art
Melusine, installation, September 2012, forest art trail, Darmstadt
Growing faces, Performance, normative Körperbilder, Frankreich
Growing Faces, September 2012, France
Melusine 2 Die Krönung, IWZ, Darmstadt, Realität und Romantik, internationaler Waldkunstpfad
Melusine 2_die Krönung, September 2012, Darmstadt
Becoming Herma, 2012 Performance, Herma Auguste Wittstock
Becoming Herma, Juni 2012
Buddha's waiting, Kulturkirchenkonferenz, Kunst und Kirche
Buddha's waiting, April 2012
Melusine, Installation, Romantic, Reality, Goethe, Eichendorff, international forest art
Melusine 1,performance, international forest art trail, August 2012, Darmstadt
The year after, performance, the gatewatcher, arti et amicitae, Amsterdam
The year after, Mai 2012, Amsterdam
Boxes 3: Sensation- Expandes Cinema, Valie Export, digital analog
Boxes 3: Sensation, Oktober 2011
Eatartteam, Performance, Augustinum, Galerie
Eatartteam, Performance, Mai 2012, München
Triste Marie, Performance, Resideny Arles-sur-Tech, Pyrénées, Südfrankreich
Triste Marie, September 2011
Die Angst vor zu wenig, Einstein Kulturzentrum
Die Angst vor zu wenig, Oktober 2011
Das Maß aller Dinge, Performance, Mühldorf, E 10
Das Maß aller Dinge, Mühldorf, 2011
Dekonstruktion des Vaters, Hommage an Louise Bourgeois, Kunstpavillion,
Dekonstruktion des Vaters, Juni 2011
Brotzession, inszenierte Performance, Modeschule München
Brotzession; Juli 2011, München
Trophies WHITE MARKET Darmstadt Vogelfrei 2011
WHITE MARKET Trophies, August 2011
Swan Canal WHITE MARKET infr'action, Venice
Swan Canal WHITE MARKET, Juni 2011
Clean your money here! Performance, Venice, 2011
Clean your money here, Juni 2011
Baufix Duchamp, Teamwork, interaktive Installation
Baufix Duchamp, März 2011
Sich Selbst Sein, Theater mit besonderen Körpern, Improvisation, Inklusion
Sich Selbst Sein, August 2010, München
Spezies Künstlerin, Value of Performanceart, Stuttgart, Parkway Utopia
Spezies Künstlerin, März 2011
Ausgedrückz, Performance, Inszenierung, Symposium Reden über Kunst, Akademie der bildenden Künste München
Ausgedrückt, Oktober 2010, München
Mein Ich Putzt 1, Performance, Klohäuschen, München
Mein Ich Putzt, München, 2010
Brüten Zeigen 1, Performance, Yves Klein, Niki de StPhalle
Brüten Zeigen 1, Oktober 2010
Mein Ich Putzt My Ego Cleaning Performance Foreign Freinds, Kulmbach
Mein Ich Putzt, Kulmbach, 2010
Versemmelt, Performance, public space, Zukunft aufs Brot, Arenafestival
Versemmelt, Erlangen, 2010
Freigang, der Turmbau zu Babylon, Studierende, Akademie der bildenden Künste, München, Performance
Freigang, Juli 2010, München
Zier Mich - Adorn Me 2010 Performance
Zier Mich- Adorn Me, Mai 2010
Non Grata 1, Performance, Lothringer 13, Laden, uture of Performance Art
Non Grata 1, München, 2010
SIE ER Halleluja, Akademie der bildenden Künste, Soundperformance, München
SIE ER Halleluja, Februar 2010, München
Non Grata 2, Performance, Grenzartfestival, Steinigung
Non Grata 2, Kirschau, 2010
G'schnetzeltes oder ich verkaufe meine Arbeit, Performance, Island of art, white box, Produzentenkunstmesse
G'schetzeltes, Oktober 2009, München
Hauskleid, performative Installation, grüne Achse München Schwabing
Hauskleid, München 2009
Sweet Pita, Performance, All you can Art, Fürth, Festival
Sweet Pita, September 2009, Fürth
Das Kleid der Artemis, gelber Sackbaum, Performance, Winterfestival Tollwood, Marcel Duchamp
Das Kleid der Artemis, Dezember 2008, München
Rasengolem, Performance, Rollrasen, Kunst und Natur. landart, Urbanes Wohnen
Rasengolem, München 2009
Im Rampenlicht, Inszenierung, Petuelpark, Körperbilder in Bewegung
Im Rampenlicht, 2009
Ich Mache Meine Arbeit, Performance, Work in Progress, Materialschlacht
Ich Mache Meine Arbeit, September 2008, München
Ich Bin Meine Arbeit, Performance, Kunstrecycling, Louise Bourgeois
Ich Bin Meine Arbeit, November 2008, München
Mehl und Honig, Performance, Inszenierung, Akademie der bildenden Künste, München
Mehl und Honig, Februar 2009, München
AXEL, Performance, Objekt, Erdkugel, grüner Globus
AXEL, Mai 2008, München
Grüne-Wäsche-Leine, Performance, Installation, Grüne Achse München Schwabing, Stadtbegrünung
Grüne-Wäsche-Leine, Mai 2008, München
Selbst Gestalten, Performance, Schauraum, Interaktion, Kulturteam
Selbst Gestalten, April 2008, München
Zu Ihren Diensten, Performance, Gewerkschaften, A Votre Service, Dienstleistung
ZU Ihren Diensten, Februar 2007, Bern, Schweiz
ZOPF, performance, Domagkateliers, München
ZOPF, Juli 2007, München
Hidden Treasure, performance, flipbooks, CSD,
Hidden Treasure, Juli 2007, München
Evolution, Ausstellung vier Elemente, Kaufbeuren, Altbau
Evolution, Mai 2006, Kaufbeuren
Marion, Performance, 120 cm paperball, public space underground
Marion, März 2006, München
Hancing; Videoperformance, Akademie der bildenden Künste, Klaus vom Bruch, Cindy Sherman
Hancing, Juli 2006, München
P.I.N.K., Performance, U Bahn, Kunsttunnel, 80 Eier, Aufstieg
P.I.N.K., Januar 2004, München
Aka-de-mie, choreographierte Performances, Akademie der bildenden Künste, Event
Aka-de-mie, Februar 2007, München
Hildegard, dungball, Stuttgart, 2011
Hildegard - die Mistkugel, März 2011
Gelber Sackbaum, Installation, yellow trashtree
Gelber Sackbaum, Dezember 2008 und Juni 2012, München
Ich bin meine Arbeit, Schauraum, München, Installation
Ich bin meine Arbeit, München, 2008
Schlafschaf oder Ich für meinen Teil, Installation, Demenz, Seidlvilla, Ausstellung Anderswo
Schlafschaf oder Ich für meinen Teil, Installation, Juli 2010
Mädchenfänger, Installation and Performance at the exhibition paradise lost#gender shift
Mädchenfänger, Installation/Performance, Julky 2021, DG Kunstraum,. Munich
TextileUpArt, recycling, upcycling, resources saving, handicrafts
TextileUpArt Joy of Weaving Workshop, 14.+15.3.2020
Can youz hera me, communication in time of corona, June 2021, Munich, St. Pau's Cathedral
Cna you hera me, Tatort- Andacht, June 2021, St Paul's Cathedral, Munich
Prophecy at the installation, Magic#2 Delphi, Vison of a new Museum, Pinakothek der Moderne Munich 2021
Magic#2 Delphi, Denkraum Deutschland Feminin, Pinakothek der Moderne, Oktober, 2021, Munich