Can you hear me 2

In contrast to the performance "Can you hear me 1", which took place in an empty church room without background noise, we are now in a populated square during the Biennale in front of the Fridericaneum. In order to hear the other person you have to listen very carefully, stretch the cord precisely and attentivly observe whether the other person wants to speak or listen. In order individual words can be understood, you have to speak very articulately. Thus, the tin can telephone serves to focus in the midst of the tumult, to be mindful and to concentrate on an unknown counterpart. Nevertheless, a distance is possible. Intimate encounters arise between two people who do not know each other, which begin as noncommittally as they end. Instead of substantive discussions, most participants choose non-verbal language such as singing and making noises. The analogue telephone asks people to be quiet, to take their time and makes them pay close attention to one another.
as part of the festival
Overlapping Kassel
curated by Cai Qing
during the documenta 15

Pics by Istvan Kovacs