Joy of Weaving - Fertility

Out of all the objects that I have woven during my almost two month stay in Mexico and the USA I build an installation. Visitors are challenged to throw a ball and the two phallus-like objects through a woven "donut". With every failed throwing they ruin the installation. With each hit, I remove a small woven patch from the installation and connect it with a strand of my hair u til the installation is nearly dimanteled.

I animate the audience to play. They have fun, because "to hit something" is a very original human need (hunting).
Hereby I also refer to the "interest" of the sperm to "hit" the egg.
I am no longer fertile due to age. My last relationship broke up because I did not feel physically attracted to the man.
Romantic relationship without sex? Is that possible? The lightness and serenity that this interaction provokes among the audience shows that the playful approach is the best way to handle things that matter.
As part of the project "Joy of Weaving", I would like to demonstrate with this artpiece the multiple usability of my art objects. They are art instalations, aesthetic objects, utilitarian objects and can also be used for building and playing. Children of all ages demonstrate this repeatedly during my presentations and exhibitions.