Communities in times of troubles- Outfits

Dressed in different outfits, I took pictures, which are showing my likeness not idealized at all. On every picture I am dressed in another outfit. Every outfit is related to one of the communities I stayed at at the period of time, when I lived in Israel and Palestine in winter 2014/15. All clothes are part of my personal wardrobe, combined differently.
In the installation, the audience is confronted with such 6 life sized images of myself and one cardboard cut life sized figure, which shows me with my everyday clothes.
For the final interaction I am only wearing those clothes.
With the help of the audience I cut each picture into three pieces (head, body and legs) and combine them differently.
Confronted by my likeness in very disadvantegeous appeareances, I feel vulnerable, to expose myself to the audience not only from my best side f.i. as a well styled model.
With the different outfits, I adapted to the different communities to connect better to the members of  each community and to not attract too much attention as a stranger.
Here they served me rather as a protection than as a medium to expose myself.
The costumes are generated only from my own dresses, which I am used to wear in my regular life. The exchangability of body parts are showing the arbitrariness and similarity of masquarades in the life of
people with different ideologies.