Joy of Weaving - Interweaving

The festival Magdalena Knot, where I am invited to show a work, is about the knotting and untying of threads of life.
In advance, I have built a 2 m x 3 m frame on which I intend to weave life  a carpet in Philippine weaving technique. The women who are involved in the Madgalena Project diligently collect used textiles and fabrics. I cut them into strips and make a huge ball out of them.
For the performance, the frame is suspended in the Pathostheater. Together with the audience I start to apply the material. While other performances take place in the same room (by Claudia Urrutia and Violette Graveline, Maristella Martella), I weave myself into the carpet.
At the end of the evening, all guests help to finish the rug and remove it from its frame. The audience holds the rug as I escape the tight space between the tissues. Freed, I am flung with the carpet by the guests in the air and also the guests take the opportunity to "fly" on the carpet.

With the project “Joy of Weaving – Interweaving” I express that we are producing the “knots” that arise in our lifes ourselves.
The ingredients, the material comes from the "outside world", the so-called reality. What we make of it is our own construct. The joining together of material and the interwoving results are even structures, also the material may have been diverse and of varying quality. I weave the life around me and if I can not reach some corners and ends myself I get help from others. The liberation from one's own defilements takes place in the same togetherness as the joyful celebration of a successful work!
September 2019
Magdalena Knot Festival
Pathos Theater , Creative Quarter, Munich

Pics by Thomas Hauzenberger, Doro Seror