Aquanitas 1

While the audience is chatting and enjoying coffee and tee, I distribute stones and red markers. The task is to write words, letters and memories on the stones. Patiently, I wait lying in my transparent coffin. As instructed by my assistant and the organizer, the audience puts the stones on and beside my body. With humming they are create a ritual atmosphere.
The coffin is filled with water, until all my body is covered. On top of the water the assistant pours hot wax until the whole surface is covered. The artist and the audience wait quietly until the wax starts to harden. With slow movements the artist moves from underneath the wax, gets up still covered partially by wax and leaves the coffin.

Invited by the „Kunstverein des Bistum Essen“ to make a ritual for the kickoff event for the Kunstverein, I created this „transparent funeral“.
Material like stones, wax and water represent different stages of matter: firm, soft and liquid.
The ending of one „matter“ also can be the transformation into another stage of the same tissue.
The participation of all the people involved in the process and the visibility of
the transformation generates a conscious and positive approach toward the active aspect of dying.