The festival "Performancear o morir" leads us to different landscapes.
In all three different landscapes (mountains, desert and pine forest) nature has such an extreme own language and aesthetics that I as an artist do not feel that something needs to be added.
So the installation of my body into the landscape in a certain and conscious manner is the only way I can express my artistic intention.
On a spot, where I feel welcome I build a circle around my “human presence” with found materials from the environment and interact with the present forces. I ask the spirits of the environment if they agree that I implement my art here.
The only materials added to the installation are those that I wear on my body.
Found testimonies of human civilization (plastic bottles, cans, cloth etc.) I put in the center of the circle and ask the spirits of nature for forgiveness for our human behavior.
At the end I dismantle the traces of my actions and take the garbage with me.