Injuries 2

I put white balloons filled with red paint in a row in front of me.
I connect each balloon to my body with a long string. Then I walk backwards slowly. The strings with the balloons start to tangle up.
With the help of the audience I throw the balloons over strings, which are tightened in the room. Increasingly, I get stuck and I become unable to move.  My assistant distributes sticks to the audience, which have a nail attached on one end. The audience pokes holes in the balloons and the red paint splatters everywhere. When all the balloons are burst I can move again.
The series “injuries” shows an increasing development toward relief in its dealing with injuries. In “injuries 2” I move with my “captive feelings” and draw them with me on my way. Exposing them and lifting them up, makes me to get stuck and immobile. When the audience bursts the balloons I feel that every blast of a balloon is a relief and I can move more freely. The bursting is playful and less dangerous for me (than in “injuries 1”), although I still fell committed as long as I am tied to the balloons. The balloons are close to my body but not attached to my body any more and the audience shares the same space with me. So, together, we are perpetrators and victims at the same time.
To make great art, artists many times get their inspiration from painful experiences in their lives and their environment and in this performance it is shown how the source of pain can shift into an aesthetic pleasurable event.
Asche zu Farbgut
Festival: Kunst/Stadt/Klang
Gaswerk Augsburg

Joshua Golde