Feed me

This performance was created for the pop up art space “lets talk about time” by Asta von Unger and Annika Schoemann.

Since my work most of the time relates on my own earlier work, both in terms of time, of material and content and processes it, my work is on a timeline. The execution of the topic deals with the status quo (now), uses objects that have already served as everyday objects and were used by me in earlier works (yesterday) and creates an anticipation of political, social, economic and health issues and can be prophecy for the future (tomorrow).

In this performance I use dog collars that I have already used in the performance "feed the rich" and in the installation and performance "Melusine".
The manufacturer of these collars has given me 20 copies free of charge appreciating the socially critical question I raise with “feed the rich”.
The are made  to create a barrier,  even in their original use on dogs.

When used as a costume, the collars are reminiscent of the costumes of Oskar Schlemmer's triadic ballet and represent a movement restriction that was also used by Oskar Schlemmer to intensify the movements of the dancers, which were possible in their respective costumes. At the same time I am also quoting Hugo Ball in a costume at his show in Cabaret Voltaire in 1916, when he recited a sound poem, restricted by a cardboard costume.

The restriction of motion in the art context has so far made clear the restriction that artists had through traditional ideas in art. Through their work, Hugo Ball and Oskar Schlemmer contributed to creating an expanded concept of art that went beyond the scope of dance and visual arts and generated the first forms of performance art.
With “feed me” I am referring to the restrictions that the Covid 19 pandemic brings with it for society and especially for artists. In “feed the rich” I tried to demonstrate the rich / poor gap, symbolized by the collar,
showing that the acess to good and healthy food depends on financial resources.

In "feed me" I illustrate my dependence as an artist on the support of others.

as part of the project
let's talk about time
by Asta von Unger and Annika Schoemann
Pop up gallery Munich

Picy by: Raquel Ro, Georg Stein, Alexander Bergmann