Till (from yesterday till tomorrow)

Hommage to Brancusi and the Dogon

Since my work most of the time relates on my own earlier work, both in terms of time, of material and content and processes it, my work is on a timeline. The execution of the topic deals with the status quo (now), uses objects that have already served as everyday objects and were used by me in earlier works (yesterday) and creates an anticipation of political, social, economic and health issues and can be prophecy for the future (tomorrow).

In this installation I use dog collars that I have already used in the performance "feed the rich" and in the installation "Melusine".
The manufacturer of these collars has given me 20 copies free of charge appreciating the socially critical question I raise with “feed the rich”.

From the collars I build the modern variation of a column based on the model of Brancusi and again his models of masks from the Dogon tradition in West Africa. For the junctions I use the collars' own click fasteners, which are intended to attach the collars to the dogs collar so that the dogs can neither scratch their heads in case of injuries nor nibble on other parts of the body with their mouths. The collars create a barrier.

In the installation, the structurally identical elements combined form a formally rhythmic column and thus overcome the separating function of the individual elements.

They represent a connecting element between restriction and freedom, ignorance and transparency, past and future.

installation made from dog collars
at the pop up art gallery, July 2021
initiated, and curated by Asta von Unger and Annika Schoemann
Munich, July 2020

pics by Bettina Warnecke, Doro Seror