Joy of Weaving - WWWoW 1

Two Munich artists who deal with weaving and knotting(Susanne Thiemann and Doro Seror) invite two artists from the USA to create an installation together.
Waste materials should be used primarily. The Munich delegation collects a lot of materials in advance (bicycle tubes, old clothes, newspapers, leftover wool, cables, fishing nets, etc.) and sets up a large warehouse.
The two artists traveling from the USA, Frid Branham and Kathie Halfin (originally from Ukraine/Israel), bring also transportable supply with them. First, together with Denis Ohrenschall, I stretch across the room, connecting the sides, top and bottom, with 400 m of rope.
The artists install their weavings and knottings, some of which they have brought with them and some of which they have made on site, into this rope construction and continue to weave on site until the works are linked together in such a way that a large common network of knots, stitches and loops is created.
Together with the audience, material is brought in again and again, in a final performance the artists link everything together to on huge artwork.
The work stands for the ability to create together in real terms in the field of art,  also with the public and it is representative of the project Joy of Weaving Worlds Wide Weaving of Women, which aims to network and support female textile artists worldwide.