Weaving Connection

Final event of the festival is a performance evening in the exhibition SUMO, in a former towel factory in Arad.
I ask the audience to stand in a square. Through her bent arms, I stretch the rope that I have wrapped in the desert to a ball, so that all are connected with each other. In a second round, I weave the strands together. Finally, the participants free their hands from the weave. I am lifted on it and thrown into the air.
From this action I create a thick carpet. With the rest of the material I weave in a second one. The material of the legacy of Ann is now used up and transformed into something new.

Since the Shiva (the week of mourning for the mother of my friend) I work with her clothes. Even between the different performances, I am constantly busy sorting and cutting the material into strips. The project now concludes with the two carpets, just as her live has ended recently.
Because, especially with the last work, I have been able to connect people with each other who have been involved in my project, I gain strength and joy from the initially sad event. I understand that the net that preceded separation (see "how much can I b / wear" and "lavan se lo lavan") of me and others, of life and death, now, created by people together, stands for Networking. The meshes are bigger, more permeable. Maybe for me that means that less demarcation and more tolerance is required.
December 2018
ZAZ, International Performance Art Festival
here Arad at the SUMO exhibition space

pics by Doron Orgil