Magic#3_Pandorra's boxes II

Cans are set up on a "game plan" created by Asta von Unger. Under each can is a bizarre object from the artist's collection. In one-on-one sessions, the cans are placed in new constellations for each visitor. The visitor selects a can. The object that appears underneath, together with the Mongolian bone oracle, provides information about the answer to the question asked by the visitors.
Doro Seror combines shamanic work with interactive artistic work. Together with the guests, the work of art created by her and Asta von Unger is constantly being recreated. The aesthetics of the cans on the playing field interspersed with sweeping lines and the contrasting objects that only appear for a moment show the transience of artistic processes and also of the problems that the visitors bring with them. Can the artist really answer questions with the help of the objects provided, or does she create a platform through the structure of the installation and her personal presence that enables the "clients" to answer their own questions?
July 2022
a exibition curated and orginzed by
wunderkammAA (Asta von Unger and Annika Schoemann)
Gallery artoxin

Pics: Christiane Fleissner, Asta von Unger