Dorothea Seror - Portrait

Dorothea Seror is a multidisciplinary artistartist and a lecturer for performance art and more. Her artwork includes concpetional and performance art, land art, video art, installations, objects, direction and more.
She is a mother of three adult children.

She studied fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany graduating in 1998 (Diploma and state exams). She has also completed advanced studies in dance and body therapy. She was dancing with various companies and in pieces of international choreographer.
Her activities include teaching art, performance art and dance at high schools, universities and art academies, as well as leading workshops and coaching stage work and performance art. She also conducts lectures and public debates.

She received several Grant of the City of Munich, the FONDS darstellender Künste and others. 

As a solo artist she has been invited to international Biennials in Netherlands and Nigeria, to performance art festivals and platforms in India, Mexico, USA, Northern Ireland, Brasil, Israel, Nigeria, Sweden, Italy, France and China and to artist's residences in Denmark, UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Israel and many more. Her works are carried out in cooperation with numerous institutions in Germany and abroad, including the following: Kulturreferat München; Galerie der Künstler; Künstlerhaus; Pathos Theare Munich; Bayerisches Staatsballett; Spielart- und DANCE-Festival; Digital Analog; platform Munich; Ecumenical, Protestant and Catholic Church in Germany; Art and Amicitae Gallery, Amsterdam; Hongcheon Art Museum, Korea; Guangzhou Art Museum, China; Performance Art Platform Tel Aviv, Israel; afiriperfoma, Lagos, Nigeria; la plataformance, Sao Paulo, pARTE, AT AL 609, Curitiba and Campinas, Brasil; BONE Festival, Bern Switzerland; Art Summit, Jaipur, India; MIPAF Macao and OPEN Guangzhou and Guilin, China, Performancear o Morir, Mexico and at the ITINERANT- Festival in the US and many  more.

The body, its endurance, sexuality, beauty and pliability is central In her performances and productions. Through provocation and interaction, she invites the audience to look more closely and often refers to defects, which have social and political origins. She explodes norms and rules of a common notion of physical aesthetics and, as an example, shows the potential of imperfect and limited capabilities by performing with people with physical disabilities, who consciously make their physical limitations the core of their shows. Mental fragility and sexuality also characterise the solo performances and productions of the artist.

In her work, she draws attention to the possibilities and responsibilities that man has over planet Earth and the peaceful coexistence of all beings.
For that she deals with the topic of recycling. The solution to the garbage problems of the world for her is obvious. Rather than using resources to generate works of art, she recycles existing ones, including her own artwork so it is constantly undergoing a process of renewal.
So the resulting work is more than just what you see. It contains all the information, circumstances and memories of other works and people and represents a continuity in her work as well as in a respectful treatment of the environment.

She participates in and researches about rituals and spiritual practice from different cultures, which support to take care of healthy environment and mankind.

In her momentarily biggest project "JOY OF WEAVING" she weaves objects from used clothes. She is concerned about the meaningful and direct recycling of old clothes. Because only a maximum of 1% of used clothing is actually recycled by industry, she teaches simple techniques that allow anyone, to produce new items and even art objects from old clothing,.
To support the project you can support her campaign.

You can also buy the objects that she produces. Please contact her via email:

For the past ten years she has been involved in the development of the Creative Quarter in Munich and has organised numerous festivals and curated since 2014 the world smallest performancespace “break through”.
She established an interdisciplinary group (food and skillsharing, politics, arts, permaculture...) called “Zona Libre” at the “Creative Quarter” Munich.


Dr. Käthe Wenzel

"... Ms. Seror is an eceptional artist who achieves a rare and most effective balance between theory and intuition. Her work never fails to deeply move her audience, it is at once inquisitive, sensitive, and bold and unflinchingly uncovers hidden social dimensions and historical spots:
I never left one of her performances without feeling a deep shift of perception.
Her international experience and her intercultural competence are impressive, as is her conse- quently transdisciplinary approach and her artistic research in the field between body, politics, and the public realm. Her performances invariably enable her audience to become aware of unseen and invisible bordes: They are political
to work on the cultural awareness of the public - and her own. She never shies away from testing her own personal physical, mental, and social borders to achieve this goal. This implies an artistic integrity which is characteristic for the most excellent performance artists in the history of art...."


Bettina Wagner-Bergelt
Stellvertretende Ballettdirektorin/Kuratorin bayrisches Staatsballet

"...Dorothea Seror arbeitet als Regisseurin, Choreographin und Performerin und nähert sich immer wieder dem Thema des normierten Körpers.
Mutig und mit immer neuen spannenden ästhetischen Ansätzen widmet sie sich den Facetten des Normativen und seinen Abweichungen, die – ein Paradoxon - die Regel bilden. Denn das Bild eines perfekten Körpers ist historisch determiniert,  es verändert sich mit gesellschaftlichen, technischen, wissenschaftlichen Möglichkeiten. Es gibt den Idealkörper nur als Idee und  Vorstellung. In ihrer Arbeit mit Behinderten, die sie als Performer einsetzt und in ihrer Professionalität  ernst nimmt, exponiert sie den Körper bewusst als Skandal mit seinen Handicaps, seinen Beschränkungen, aber auch mit seinen unendlichen Bewegungs- und Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten und seiner Schönheit.
Was Dorothea Seror seit Jahren in ihrer Kunst realisiert, ist Inklusion im ästhetischen Sinn: sie öffnet uns die Augen für das Andere, nimmt uns die Angst und dem, was wir sehen, die Peinlichkeit. Sie ebnet so dem Zuschauer und dem Performer einen Weg zu Empathie mit dem anderen und mit sich selbst..."

Daniel J.Schreiber, Kunsthistoriker

»Die Münchner Künstlerin Dorothea Seror zeigt sich unbeeindruckt von den Trends des Marktes. Als die Jungen Wilden mit der figurativen Malerei untergingen, fing sie damit an; als die Leipziger Schule damit aufstieg, konzentrierte sie sich auf Performances und Installationen. Spezialität der Absolventin und heutigen Dozentin der Münchner Akademie ist die Provokation, dank derer sie die Kraft ihrer Kunst in die Mechanismen unserer Lebenswelt einspeist.«

Susanna Partsch, Kunsthistorikerin

»Die Künstlerin Dorothea Seror beschränkt sich nicht auf eine Form des künstlerischen Ausdrucks wie die Malerei. Ihre Objekte entstehen meist aus ihren Performances, sind aber auch eigenständig zu betrachten. Hinzu kommen Videos, Filme und Workshops.
Wesentlich für die Kunst von Seror ist die Einbeziehung der Rezipienten weit über das Maß hinaus, das Marcel Duchamp bereits postulierte, als er davon sprach, dass  "der kreative Akt nicht vom Künstler allein vollzogen" wird; "der Zuschauer bringt das Werk in Kontakt mit der äußeren Welt, indem er dessen innere Qualifikationen entziffert und interpretiert und damit einen Beitrag zum kreativen Akt hinzufügt."

Seror gelingt es also, Kunst und Leben zu vereinen, auch und grade weil sie von vorne herein andere Menschen in den kreativen Akt einbezieht. Dabei ist es ihr wichtig, das Potential der jeweiligen TeilnehmerInnen zu erkennen und so einzubinden, das ein für alle befriedigendes Resultat auch nach ästhetischen Maßstäben beurteilt werden kann.«