State of aggregation 2

A ritual

We walk outside to a ritual stone circle, created by all the participating artists of the Symposium STONES, where we offer the people to sacrifice a chosen stone. The altar is decorated with several natural objects from the performance of Su En, the artist and organiser of the symposium. We burst a balloon on each “chosen stone” on the altar, put it in the fire, than in the water. The participants of the ritual get their sacrificed stone back after the transformation - the contact with the “blood”, the fire and the water, wrapped in a cloth.

The main issues of the festival in Uppsala and Haglund Skola in Sweden were STONES.
STONE is a the elementary material of our planet earth. The fire and the water, also two elements, are able to create and change the structure of stones. The element air I make visible by flying feathers. Through the ritual, we tried not to get stuck with the solid matter but go on by being aware of the completeness of us as human beings and the earth we live on. To experience the elements, which are feeling and appearing so differently to us we consider, that they all made out of the same elementary particles. They are just at different states of aggregation? Of density? So it might be possible, to transform dense and heavy “matters” into light and liquid states.
August 2016 STONE
Project by Su En Butoh Company
Haglund Skola and Köttinspektionen,
Uppsala, Sweden

Liv Hanne Haugen, Su En,
Eva Björkmann, Johannes Bergmark, 
Sugihara Nobuyuki

Pics: Anders Rönnlund