Joy of Weaving - Totum pro parte

For many months I worked with participants in various workshops on the installation Joy of Weaving - Pars pro toto. (JOW - Pars pro toto)
Over a weekend, it was dismantled and the objects made by the participants were returned to the makers or auctioned off.
I removed the vines made from selvages and sorted them by color. Together with skilled visitors, we wove a new work out of this, which is a two-dimensional braid, meaning the weaving direction is diagonal.
 It now consists exclusively of selvages that come from waste from the museum and the prison in Kraisheim. The installation carries both the information about the origin of the materials and the stories that it has stored through processing in the previous appearance (JOW - Pars pro toto), the individual parts and stories become a total work of art again.
I would like to follow my tradition and show that no work of art has to be kept in a final state but can be constantly transformed and renewed.
The installation shows that you can treat old textiles and other materials and objects that have already been used in your own home and bring them back to life.