Café com leite 1

With credits to the artist Akuzuru Tala, who inspires me a lot!

While the guests of the evening are arriving and other performances are going on, I fill about 80 black balloons with milk.
Then I put on a white dress, which covers everything but hands, feet and face. I distribute cups with a sharp nail in them to the people. Then I sit down on a chair. I cover my feet, my hands and my face with dark brown shoe polish. I put on the prepared balloons. I demonstrate how the audience can get the milk from the balloons and they begin to prick holes in the balloons and fill their cups with milk.
The rest of the milk I pour in a small bowl, splash around and waste it. I also drink some milk directly from the balloon.
Then I cover my face, my hands and my feet with the tapioca powder. I try to remove the mixture of milk, tapioca and shoe polish with a razor. Finally I get up and stab long needles into my headgear. Coffee runs down my clothes.
Wasting or investing? Abundance or extravagance? 
In this performance I connect the bipolarity of the world, in which we live. Black people, white people, rich people, poor people. Men, women. Milk feeds the babies, but many adults cannot digest it. Coffee is one of the most consumed daily beverages, but you would never give it to a newborn child.  Conflicting messages guide us through life. What shall we, what can we believe, who can we trust and who not? What nourishes us, what harms us. Do we have our own heritage, do we have a specific culture? To what can we relate? Which tradition, religion, which culture, which enviroment?