Girls Catcher

For a number of years I have been dealing with various braiding and weaving techniques that do not require any technical aids to produce them. When I broke my wrist in March 2020, my fingers were held in place with so-called "girl catchers" so that the wrist could be set up.
 "Girl catchers" or "Chinese handcuffs" are tube-like braids that, when pulled, tighten around a body and thus fix it in place. It is only through loosening and lowering that one can free oneself.
The construction of the hose required great precision, because it only holds the person if it can contract sufficiently, but must not have been woven too far or too tightly.

The real work of art for me was testing the material and the technique to be used. I got advice from the basket weaver and artist Susanne Thiemann. I spent months making several models in my studio until I came up with a hose that could support me by just contracting around my body by my weight. I made another version to allow visitors who were a bit heavier and bulkier  than me to enjoy the same experience. The hose is between 5 and 6 meters long, depending on the state of stretching.
DG Kunstraum
at the exhibition
pardise lost # gender shift
July 2021

pics by Doro Seror, Hanne Borchmeyer