Joy of Weaving - Pars pro toto

In advance of an interactive production of art objects made from recycled materials, a call for the collection of used clothes was launched in the museum. Visitors and citizens were able to put their old clothes in baskets sorted by color in the museum foyer. Interactions between the artist and visitors took place on three weekends over the course of the first half of 2023. The visitors learned the technique of Amish rug weaving, which they then used to create three-dimensional objects from the old clothes.
They then threaded these onto the lianas installed in the foyer according to their own aesthetic understanding. The artist made the lianas from the selvedges that fell off during production in the museum. The installation grew from month to month and changed its appearance through the active participation of the visitors.
At the beginning of October, the installation was lowered so that the threaded objects could be reached. These were ceremoniously returned to the manufacturers, others were auctioned off. In the end, even the lianas were removed and subsequently processed into a new work.
The process of co-creating this ever-changing installation was the actual artistic work. It took a lot of letting go on the part of the artist when it came to the aesthetic design of the work. The objects created in the workshops were of different quality, and the hanging also depended on the taste of those involved.
Workshops and final performance
Staatliches Industrie- und Textilmuseum
TIM Augsburg
March - October 2023

Pics: Doro Seror, Denis Ohrenschall