As part of various projects (I am my work, 2008; G'schnetzeltes, 2009; Jetzt reicht’s, 2018), I have cut up many paintings that I created during my time as a painter. At the performance G’schnetzltes the audience was able to create their own piece of art with self-selected pieces of the pictures, the price of which was measured according to the size of the square centimeters. In my studio I processed cut pieces of the paintings into new works. This resulted in various images that transformed the images with concrete content into abstract ones. In these pictures I worked with “schnitzel” of pictures from the legacy of the artist H.R. Hack and found material from my international travels.The criteria of the compilation are arbitrariness and the pure enjoyment of color compositions. In a few pictures traces of their representational originals can still be made out. All two- and three-dimensional works together form an installation that was shown as part of the Z'amflickt exhibition in February 2020 as part of the Schaufensterli project, a monthly artshow at Halle 6.

Crossover von Fensterli zu Fensterl
in cooperation with Maria Berauer
Performance #29 break through sound out if
Creative Quarter Munich