Pandorra's boxes III, Umspannwerk Wasserburg, Exhibition "Wellenlänge"banal and art, 2022

Pandorra's boxes III

October 2022
Exhibition Wellenlänge
Umspannwerk | Wasserburg
Pandorra's boxes, art and shamanism, oracle, prophecy, interactive art, bizzare objects

Magic#3_Pandorra's boxes II

July 2022
wunderkammAA | gallery artoxin
Ritual, Solctice, leaving behind, new harvest, Celebration

Artemisia and St Johns Wort

June 2022
Overlapping Kassel | Fulda Aue
Kassel | Germany
analog communication, tin can, attention, mindfulness, performance, interaction, overlapping Kassel, Cai qing, Dokumenta 15

Can you hear me 2

June 2022
Overlapping Kassel
Kassel | Germany
Skyladder, Jemanja, Nepomuk, Pandorras Boxes, Hope in times of crisis

Himmelsleiter - Pandorra's Boxes I

May 2022
performativ aperitif | wunderkammAA
Kustermanpark Tutzing